Real Idaho Republicans

Educated and engaged voters always make a difference in the primary election. The Idaho Republican platform clearly states the values of real Republicans in our state:

  • Our strength lies with our faith and reliance on God;
  • Free enterprise and government fiscal responsibility and lower taxes;
  • And a sovereign state and personal responsibility.

In most places in Idaho, it’s difficult to get elected as a Democrat. Many Democrats change their party affiliation to cross over and vote in the Republican primary, diluting the Republicans’ vote, with the end goal of getting the most liberal Republican candidates elected.

The Republican primary election is intended for electing Real Idaho Republicans, not Democrats in disguise. Please show up to vote on Tuesday, May 15th, and exercise your rights to support liberty and limited government and to keep our state moving in the right direction.

2018 Republican Primary Recommendations:

United States Representative — District 1

Russ Fulcher

United States Representative — District 2

No Primary Race


Raul Labrador

Lieutenant Governor

Janice McGeachin

Secretary of State

No Primary Race

State Controller

No Primary Race

State Treasurer

Vicky J McIntyre

Attorney General

No Primary Race

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Jeff Dillon


We also have Legislative Recommendations and County Recommendations.